Tips of the Travel to Shodoshima

  • Carry some cash, especially changes.

    You will find it handy when you visit temples as offerings,
    as well as when purchasing souvenirs.

  • Use transportation wisely as means of travelling.

    Even though kanji for “Shodoshima” reads “small bean island”, it actually is a big island.
    Also note that the island has hilly areas.

  • Don't forget to bring a camera.

    The island boasts its beautiful locations and various “camera spots” throughout the island.

  • Forget fancy shoes - come in comfortable shoes such as walking shoes.

    You may find walking shoes more suitable when
    walking around mountains and beaches.

  • Bring your beach sandals.

    You don't want to miss out our beautiful beaches that you can spend some “chill-out” time.

  • Books, magazines, and music are a must-to-bring.

    They help you wisely make use of your waiting time at bus stop and ferry terminal!

  • One-Day Pass is the best way to go for travelling around the island.

    This is because the bus price is rather higher on a remote island like Shodoshima, compared to cities.

  • Book a space for your vehicle if you are coming via ferry.

    While travelers without vehicles should not have a problem purchasing a ferry/fast boat tickets on the day of travelling, it is highly recommended that you book tickets for your vehicles in advance especially during our high seasons.

  • Keep timetables for public transport handy.

    It would be a good idea to take transport schedule into your planning, as they do not operate as frequently.

  • Talk to the locals.

    Shodoshima islanders are famous for their kindness as well as for their shyness.
    So you may encounter a pleasantly nice experience if you initiate a conversation starting with nice greetings!

  • Protect yourself from the Sun.

    Shodoshima has little rain and the sun beam is very strong.
    Make sure you have good sunscreen and cover.

  • Cash, cash, and cash.

    Many shops on the island do not accept credit cards.
    You can withdraw cash at ATM at 6 convenient stores located throughout the island.

  • Make sure to check the business hours.

    Many tourist destinations close at 5:00 p.m. so it would be wise to check the business hours in advance.

  • Enjoy peace of mind by making a reservation at restaurants.

    Unlike big cities, not all restaurants are open or available when you need them.
    We highly recommend you check business hours and table availability prior to the visit to the restaurant.

  • So dark yet so beautiful.

    Many shops close in the evenings, which make the place almost pitch black.
    This offers you a great opportunity to enjoy the holistic starry sky and local noctilucae!

  • Great place for road and mountain biking!

    The up/down hills on the island gives enough fun
    and challenges to cyclists of all kinds.

  • Check the tide time prior to a visit to Angel Road!

    The path to the Angel Road appears available only 2 hours before and after the low tide.

  • Better to be safe than sorry.

    Please respect the local speed limit and watch out for the local seniors and children when driving. Make sure to look out for the local “rush-out boy” signs.