Nakayama Noson Kabuki( rural Kabuki)

Nakayama Noson Kabuki is thought to be passed on by the locals who had gone on a pilgrimage trip to Ise Shrine approximately 300 years ago (during the mid-Edo period). They were exposed to an amazing world of Kamigata Kabuki, while stuck in Osaka waiting for a clear window of weather. They brought ema, a votive horse tablet, with a painting of some famous kabuki scenes, as well as some kabuki costumes in order to offer them to the local shrine. Kabuki then made an instant hit on the island, and many mobile kabuki groups and choreographers from the Kansai area were invited to the island, and eventually the islanders started to perform of their own. Nakayama theater was registered as an important tangible folk-cultural property in March 1982. In March 2012, the entire straw roof was re-thatched.
Early October
17:00 onwards
Nakayama, Shodoshima Cho, Shozugun (Kasuga Shrine)

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