Kankakeyama (Kankakei)

Kankakeyama is located in the northern part of Shodoshima Cho, being part to Hoshigajo mountain range by south Uchinomi bay. This 4km long, 8km wide range was formed by a volcanic activity 13 million years ago, where andesite and agglomerate eroded. It is now a considered as one of the three most beautiful gorges in Japan. Spring brings fresh green color and flowers, summer enjoys dark green colors along with the lovely birds singing, fall presents its colorful leaves, and winter shows snowy mountains. The mountain used to be called Kankakeyama till a Confucian scholar of early Meiji period Nangaku Fujisawa renamed it to "Kankakei". It was designated as a scenic spot of the nation on March 7 1923. After it had been recognized as one of the first Setouchi national parks in 1934, it became a popular scenic destination, which attracted brought many people from the Hanshin area via boat, and many climbed the mountain on foot and on the back of a horse. In 1963. Ropeway (cable car) started its operation, and 1970 saw Blue Line starting its business, which brought many tourists to the area. Forest Cultural Association also listed Kankakei as one of the top 100 selected natural beauties to preserve for the 21st century.
Kankakei dori, Shodoshima Cho, Shozugun

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