Hitoyama Noson Kabuki

The theater is located in the section of Rikyu Hachiman Shrine. The building is 17.1m x 8.82m, with a hip thatched roof and tiles attached at lower end, representing a traditional theater you used to have found throughout the island. The current theater was rebuilt in 1900 after the last smaller building was destroyed by a typhoon in 1897. This is the 5th building since the original building being built. The current one still preserves traditional structures of the building including runway, revolving stage, theater basement, grapevine trellis, ceiling, dressing room, and backstage room. The first kabuki performance was played in Hitoyama in a temporary building celebrating the completion of Kaerukoike reservoir in 1686. Since then many performance dedicated to the shrine has been played. Not only the theater, but also 2 higher stages used as spectators' seats near the theater and the shrine, dress storage, and box seats are registered as a nation's tangible folk cultural property. The dressing storage stores many items ranging from 300 scripts, approximately 50 wigs, 620 dresses, folding stools, curtains, fusuma or paper sliding doors, short swords, through andon or paper-covered lampstands. Spectators' seats are spread in leveled areas being divided into 12 terraced box seats in the space of approximately 800㎡. Each of six community group within Hitoyama district are assigned two box seats every year. The seating arrangement is determined among the head leaders of each group using a lottery.
May 3rd
Hitoyama, Tonosho Cho, Shozugun (Rikyu Hachiman Shrine)

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