One Thousand Year Old Olive Tree

From Spain to Shodoshima; the tree has been reborn at the new land. This magnificent olive tree has travelled ten thousand kilometers of ocean, from Andalucia, Spain to Shodoshima. When the tree arrived Shodoshima in March 2011, it was just the trunk. The tree was looked over by the island’s welcoming sunlight, sea breeze and people, and by next spring, green leaves sprouted. Depending on the season, you will see the tree with blossoms of little white flowers, or with abundant olive fruits.
9:00-17:00 (hours may change when necessary)
Open for visit every day of the week, excluding year end and New Year period.
2473 Tonosho-cho-kou Shozugun
Please note that “Google Map” may not show correct location. Please contact by telephone for more details.
0879-62-7111 (Shodoshima Healthy Land)

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