Hishio no Sato (Soy Sauce village)

As salt manufacturing had been one of the common industries in the area, soy sauce manufacturing started on the island during the Edo period. After experiencing its peak in business, soy sauce manufacturing shifted to Tsukudani (seaweeds cooked in soy sauce based sauce) manufacturing after the World War II, which is still one of the main industries to this day. Many soy sauce and tsukudani factories are concentrated between Yasuda district and Sakate port, and some of which still use the factories and storage that were built during the Meiji period. "Hishio no sato" or Home of Soy Sauce was founded to preserve the historical buildings of the industry. Roof tiles, burned wooden walls, and white plaster walls represent the characteristics of soy sauce factories, and you might also notice an aroma of soy sauce in the area of the factories. There are approximately 2000 to 3000 soy sauce barrels throughhout Japan, of which 1000 are found in Shodoshima used for manufacturing soy sauce. The sauce made in those barrels are called and sold as authentic "Shodoshima Koga Shoyu (barrel soy sauce)".
Umaki/Noma, Shodoshima Cho, Shozugun

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