Setonouchi Shimameshiya (MeiPAM)

We are a deli using lots of local produce from Shodoshima and the Setouchi area. You can choose from 3-4 small seasonal dishes of fish, vegetables and fruits, all cooked using local salt and olive oil. Rice and soup are included and there is a lunch plate of your own. Takeout is available, so you can enjoy our food on the beach or up in the mountains. Besides the lunch plate, we also have warm somen noodles with seafood soup and olive oil, and special island curry & rice. Original fried chicken wings marinated with soy sauce from Shodoshima is also one our specialities.
11:00-14:00 (Takeout only 15:00-18:00)
Wednesdays (Will be open if it's a public holiday)
398 Tonosho-cho Ko, Shozugun
◆1 min. walk from Tonosho Honmachi bus stop on Olive Bus Route  
◆5 min. walk from Dobuchi Strait, the world narrowest strait
◆10 min. walk from Angel Road
tel 0879-62-8500 Emeil

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