Book Café Shoshiumikazedo (24 Eyes Movie Gallery, 24 no Hitomi Eigamura)

Relaxing space where you can submerge yourself into movies and plays through books♪   Book Café Shoshiumi Kazedo Stylish and Relaxing Space created on the site of 24 Eyes Village♪ Exhibitions of a great actress Mineko Takamine from the Showa Era, who was the first actress playing Oishi Sensei in the 24 Eyes movie. The exhibition includes Takamine's handwritten manuscript, items that introduces another aspect of her life as a writer, a popular theatrical company, Shinkansen/GekiCin, and free books to read on site. You can easily get lost in time. There are approximately 2,000 internet manga books available to read. You can enjoy both reading books and movies at the movie theater downstairs. The most popular menus at Umineko Cafe are salted caramel flavored latte as well as fruit juice with olive collagen. Enjoy the unwinding environment, where you can enjoy books, while overlooking flowers and the Setouchi Inland Sea.
Open All Year Around
931 Tanohura Ko, Shodoshima-cho, Shozugun, Kagawa
◆10 min. drive from Sakate Port
Entrance Fee required to enter Movie Village. The Cafe is free to enter.
tel 0879-82-2455 fax 0879-82-1824

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