Fantastic fireflies in Yoshida

At the firelfly festivals , there will be stalls and free stage performance that performers will make this festival fun. 【Stalls】 Dangan Jr. Kai Bazar (Shodoshima fried noodles, beer, Sho-chu Sake, Juice , Takoyaki, Oden Yakitori, frankfurter,rice balls, Japanese traditional sweets) 【Performer】 Aloha Kamalani Family Hula o Shodoshima Dance ・SPRIZER Dance ・ Shdodoshima High School Guitat Club( Live Music) 15 years old and younger are free charge of Yoshida Onsen. To children, you can take some fireflies home! As a family, please come and join us for this festival.
June 4th, 2016 ※if rains, the date changes to June 5th,2016
17:00〜21:00 ※Please come by 7 p.m.
next to Yoshida Onsen( Hot Spring), Shodoshima-cho
【 Privilage 】 First 200 children under 12 years old and younger, you can get fireflire bracelets
【 Sponsered Organization】 Hotaru No Sato Yoshida Breeding Farm “Yarankai <span style=font-size:x-small;">)</span>”
【Cooperation 】 Shodoshima-town
【Sponser】 Fuji Sunny Foods Co.

【 Cooperation 】 Shodoshima-yown"
【Office】 Kasugado  tel 0879-84-2375

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