As protecting the area of Meiro No Machi from pirates, the islanders made maze town. It is also a place where you get pilgrim walk and you can imagine old Japanese life style. Renovaying some of the old buildings, we put gallery space, Mei PAM stands for (P)-performances, and (A)-art, and (M)- Marche( food ) in French. We also collected all monsters and creature art from all over the country. Must check! The brown steel tower in Meiro No Machi is the sign to find our buidling.
10:00〜18:00(admission opens until 17:30 )
Wednesdays(Opens Holidays)  
Ko 405 Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun (MeiPAM building 01)◆Get off the bus at Tonosho Honmachi 1 minute by walk ◆3 minutes from The world narrowest strait " Dofuchi trait" ◆7 minuyes walk from Angel Road
・Meipam 1~5 Admission Fee -Adult 1,300yen / Junior High and High School 800yen ・Meipam 5 Admission Fee Adults 500yen
tel 0879-62-0221 fax 0879-62-0221

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