Kankakei Ropeway

Kankakei is rewarded as Seto Inland National Park and one of the 3 best gorges of Japan. There are majestic 12 scenic views in the front and 8 different views of the back. It is a natural art as it is, all the plants and flowers change colors season by season. Amazing gorge stands beautifully. From the top of the moutains or the low side of mountains, you can get in the rope way and see the deep gorge and Seto Inland Sea in the front of the gorge. you can call this as a walking in the sky. There is also a hiking course available for if you would like to feel the fresh nature with your whole body,
<March 21st to October 20th > 8:30〜17:00 <October 21st 〜1November 30th>8:00〜17:00 <Decemeber 1st to 20th> 8:30〜17:00 <December 21st to March 20th> 8:30〜16:30
Open all year around
Kankakei Ropeway Sancho Station 

Otsu 168 Kankake Dori, Shodoshima-cho
◆40 minutes by car from each port in Shodoshima
tel 0879-82-2171 fax 0879-82-5341

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