Transportation on the Island

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  • ※ Timetable and price are subject to change. Please check them prior to boarding.

    Shodoshima Olive Bus Corp. 0879-62-0171

    Shodoshima FREE Pass(Unlimited ride on all routes)
    ●One Day  Pass Adult 1,000 yen  Child 500 yen
      Two  Day Pass Adult 1,500yen Child 750 yen
    【Sales Offices】
    ・Shodoshima Olive Bus(Tonosho Port)
    ・Olive Navi
    ・Fukuda Port (Shodoshima Ferry)
    ・Yasuda (Setoyoshi Restaurant)
    ・Kusakabe Port (Uchinomi Ferry)
    Passes also can be purchased while onboard the bus.

  • Taxi Kanko

    ※Please ask for price quote at taxi companies.

    Tour/Price Mid-size Jumbo
    Approx.8 Hour Tour 41,920 yen 58,720 yen
    Approx.5.5 Hour Tour 28,820 yen 40,370 yen
    Approx.5 Hour Tour 26,200 yen 36,700 yen
    Approx.4.5 Hour Tour 23,580 yen 33,030 yen
    Pilgrimage Tour(8 Hours) 41,920 yen 58,720 yen
    〈Price above is only an estimate.〉
    Max No. of passengers for mid-size taxi is 5(total of 6 with the driver)
    Max No. of passengers for Jumbo taxi is 5(total of 6 with the driver)

    Kankake Taxi
    Shodoshima Cho
     0120-180-700 0879-82-2288

    Shodoshima Kotsu Corp.
    Tonosho Agency
     0120-087-966 0879-62-1201

    ※ Micro Bus is highly recommended for pilgrimage and island tours for over 10 passengers.
    ※ Price chart is for your reference. Please contact taxi companies for more details.

  • Bus Hire・Pilgrimage Bus

    Asahiya Kanko Bus 0879-61-1515
    Kankake Taxi 0120-180-700
    Shodoshima Kotsu Corp. 0120-087-966
    Yanagiya Kanko 0879-67-2221
  • Visit Eigamura by “Ferry Boat” ~Feel the Ocean Breeze~

    Stops Olive Beach(At the bottom of Olive Park)~ Twenty Four Eye Eigamura
    Price Adult 500 yen、Child 250 yen ※250 yen for a bicycle
    Duration 10 minutes, one way
    Tel Boat Captain: 090-7781-5112
    *Please check the operation dates at 0879-82-2455(24 Eyes Eigamura).

    *Please note that the service is subject to change due to the weather conditions.

  • Car Rental

    Uchinomi Ferry Rental Car 0879-82-1080 Kusakabe Port
    Angel Rental Car 0879-62-1428 Tonosho
    Olive Rental Car 0879-82-4937 Nishimura
    Orix Rental Car 0879-62-4669 Tonosho Port
    Shodoshima Anzen Rental Car 0879-62-0492 Kashima
    Shodoshima Anzen Rental Car 0879-62-9032 Gimpaura
    Shodoshima Kokusai Hoel 0879-62-2111 Gimpaura
    Shodoshima Furusatomura 0879-75-2266 Muro
    Shodoshima Rental Car 0879-64-6506 Kamisho
    Bay Resort Hotel Shodoshima 0879-82-5000 Furue
    Marin Rental Car 0879-84-2220 FukudaPort
    0879-61-1277 Tonosho Port
    J Net Rental Car 0879-82-0821 Sakate Port Branc
    0879-82-0846 Umaki
    Resort Hotel Olivian Shodoshima 0879-65-2311 Yuhigaoka
  • Rental Bike

    Asahiya Rental Bike 0879-62-0162 Tonosho Port
    Ishii Rental Bike 0879-62-1866 Tonosho Cho Olive Dori
    Uchinomi FerryRental Bike 0879-82-1080 Kusakabe Port
    Okido Hotel Rental Bike 0879-62-5001 Tonosho Port
    Shodoshima Olive Park 0879-82-2200 Nishimura
    Shodoshima Olive Youth Hostel 0879-82-6161 Nishimura
    Shodoshima Furusato Mura 0879-75-2266 Muroo
    Setonouchi Shimatabiya 0879-62-8500 Tonosho Honmachi
    Tonosho Port Tourist Center 0879-62-1666 Tonosho Port
    Choeido Rental Bike 0879-62-0554 Tonosho Port
    Bay Resort Hotel Shodoshima 0879-82-5000 Furue
    Rental BikeShodoshima 0879-82-0821 Sakate
    0879-82-0846 Umaki

    Rental Mountain Bike

    Ishii Rental Bike 0879-62-1866 Tonosho Cho Olive Dori
  • Tour Bus

    Shodoshima Kotsu Corp. Reservation essential 0879-62-1203 
    ※ Please contact to make a reservation in advance.

    Tour Operation Period Price(Food and entrance fee NOT included)
    Adult Child
    A Tonosho Port leaving at 9:45~Choshikei~Kankakei~
    Twenty Four Eyes Eigamura~Olive Park~
    Tonosho Port arriving at 15:30
     All Year(Daily) 4,100 yen 2,050 yen
  • Kankakei Ropeway (Cable Car)

    Stops Koun Eki~Kankakei Summit(0.917km)
    Tel 0879-82-2171
    Price One way750 yen、Return 1,350 yen
    Duration Approx. 5min Departs every 12 min(More frequent services available during our high seasons)
    Operation Hour March 21~October 20 8:30~17:00
    October 21~November 30 8:00~17:00
    December 01~December 20 8:30~17:00
    December 21~March 20 8:30~16:30
  • “Bonnet” Bus across the Peninsula

    Old traditional bus, engine loaded in front of the bus, is in service for the distance of 700m between Misaki no Bunkyojo and 24 Eyes Eigamura. The bus became famous after it has appeared in one of the recent 24 Eyes movies. The bus stop is located outside Eigamura, a shape of soy sauce barrel from the Taisho period.

    Tel 0879-82-2455
    Price Free

    Click here for operation dates